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Top Five Easy Ways to Make Money As a Blogger


Have you been considering diving into the blogosphere, but wondering how you can earn from blogging? Or, do you already have a blog but don’t know how to monetize it?

A lot of bloggers make averagely $1000 a month, and blogging is a job that can be done remotely. Also, blogging is a business that you can start with very little capital. So the big question now is, why aren’t you making money from blogging?

If it is because you don’t know the different ways to earn from blogging, then this article will be very helpful to you.


There are actually numerous ways to make money as a blogger. Although some are more popular than the other.


Below are five easy ways to earn from blogging.


Ads Network

If you know little about blogging already, then there is a chance that you already know what ad networks are.

An ad network is a platform that connects advertisers to websites that wants to show advertisements.


If you have been to big blogs, you probably would have noticed ads being displayed on them. Well these blogs earn lots of money by merely displaying those ads you see.


If you have a blog and haven’t already started earning via ads network, you can simply apply for one. There are different ads networks, but the some of the most notable ones are; Adsense, Ezoic, Adsterra, MediaVine, and Monetag.


Affiliate Marketing

Anyone who has a large audience can boast of being a successful affiliate marketer. If you don’t know, affiliate marketing is all about helping a platform promote their products. And when you help them get a sale, you get commissions for the sale!


The amazing thing about affiliate marketing, is that you don’t have to worry about getting products. The affiliate marketing platform worries about that for you!


Reselling Products

Similar to affiliate marketing, you can also make money as a blogger from reselling products. The difference between this from affiliate marketing, is that you get more than just a commission.


You can buy a product for $10, then decide to advertise and resell it on your blog for any amount of your choice. You also get all the gain this time around.

Also, from reselling products on your blog, you have full control of the products you want to sell. Unlike affiliate marketing where you don’t really have control over the products being advertised.


Selling Ad Space

Another easy way to make money as a blogger, is by selling ad space on your blog. There are many visitors on your blog that would be happy to advertise their business or product on your website.


For instance, if you have a tech blog, someone who sells phones would be happy to advertise his phone store with an ad banner on your tech blog.

You can decide to charge him any amount of your choice(but ensure you are getting lots of traffic if you want to charge a high amount).


Allowing Guest Posting

This is yet another smart and easy way to make money from your blog. If advertisers are interested in your audience, they can decide to pay you to allow them post an article on your blog. The post can be about enlightening your visitors or readers about whatever service or product they have.


Also, fellow bloggers can pay you for guest posting. The purpose of the guest post can be to advertise or get a back link to their own blog. This action can help their blog grow organically.


To sum it all up, there are different ways to earn as a blogger. You just have to focus on one or two ways, and become consistent with it.

Bloggers earn a lot of money, and if you have chosen that career path for yourself then you too can earn well.


Have any questions? Then drop a comment below. Thanks for reading to the end.

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