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Tips to Make More Money as a Graphic Designer in Nigeria


Graphic Design is a digital skill that can be easily monetized in Nigeria. It takes a couple of months to be mastered, and in no time, one can start earning money as a graphic designer.


Sounds pretty cool until you get to realize that not all graphic designers actually earn big in Nigeria. In Nigeria, graphic designers skills are underrated, and some clients/customers find it hard to pay large sums of money for designs they want.


I came across a graphic design community, and one thing that caught my attention was how many of the designers made complaints about Nigerian clients were very reluctant to pay fair amounts for really good design. Some clients even make remarks like, “I can design it myself.”


Well this can be really annoying. A client should always appreciate you for your skill since he or she is definitely not a professional at it.


Are you looking for ways to earn more money as a graphic designer in Nigeria? If yes, then we’ve got working solutions for you. And if you follow our guide, your earnings as graphic designer should sky rocket in the next couple of months.


Read to the end, and don’t skip any part of this writeup.


Target Foreign Clients

Since the complaints is usually about the locals not wanting to pay fair amounts, how about you try offering your services to international clients. Especially those whose currency is higher than your local currency.


As a Nigerian graphic designer, you can earn more by looking for foreign clients. They tend to pay more.


How can you get foreign clients?


Foreign clients can be gotten from platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelance, and so on.

These are all free to join platforms, and there are thousands of potential international customers that will be happy to hire you.


Create a Professional Website for your Brand

Want to get paid like a professional? Then you have to start acting like a professional! This includes owing a professional website for your graphic design brand.


This website would be to show-off your portfolio. And when a client asks for your previous works, you simply give them your site’s url.

This act makes you way more professional than your competitors. And clients would not take you for granted.

You can use this to charge higher than other designers. And believe me, it works!


Practice and Learn More

Perhaps the reason why you earn very little as a graphic designer, is because you are yet to master the skill. Have you considered this possibility?


Well, you can simply practice and learn more everyday. Practice makes perfect, always remember.

The more you offer high quality, the more people will be ready to pay you for your services.

Read more articles. Watch more videos. Get to work. And remember, “Rome was not built in a day!”


When you become perfect at what you do, no one would hesitate to throw their money at you, just so you can render your services to them.


That’s a wrap on this article. Hopefully, you’ve learnt a lot. Thanks for reading.

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