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How to Make Money as a Writer in Nigeria: Best Platforms to Join



One of the best digital skill to possess, is the ability to be write. As a writer, you don’t need capital to earn. Your only tool is your creative mind, and quick fingers too.

Fortunately, writers can earn money from the comfort of their home. If you are a pro at what you need, people who need your service don’t even need to see you physically. All they need is your masterpiece of a writeup. Writers can work from anywhere!


Now, what do you think about being a writer in Nigeria?

Do you think Nigerian writers actually earn well?


The answer is yes, writers in Nigeria are actually making lots of money monthly. The skill is one that is in high demand. Because, Nigerians love to read. They love to read entertaining and controversial articles. Articles about religions. And even articles about random people on the internet.


Being a writer in Nigeria, you have got lots of audiences ready to feast on your wordings with their eyes. But the thing is, how can you monetize this skill?


Well, there is a list of ways you can earn money as a writer in Nigeria. In this writeup, we will enlighten you readers on three different ways to earn as a writer in Nigeria.


So if you are a great writer that would like to start earning remotely, then this article is definitely for you.

Please note, you will not need to be paying a dime before you can earn as a writer.


Opera News Hub

Opera News is owned by the famous Opera Mini browser. Almost all Nigerians know about this browser.

In fact, even almost Nigerians know about the Opera News app/website. From opera news, you can get the latest trending news and gist. Most writers know about this platform, but not everyone knows that Opera is actually hiring writers.


Opera News Hub is an agenda to hire writers, get them to publish articles on the Opera news app, and then pay them depending on how many readers the writers could attract with their writeups.


The interesting thing about being an opera news hub writer, is that you do not need to be top class or professional writer. As long as your use of English is good enough, you can write and earn from opera news.

It is free to join, so you can sign up and give it a try.


Scooper News

Scooper is quite similar to opera news hub. Well it is more like an alternative. If you don’t like opera anymore, you can go for scooper. Or, if you get tired of scooper, you can go for opera.


Scooper also pay writers based on the views(clicks) they get in their articles. So the more readers you can attract to your articles, the more money you earn.


Do bear in mind that, as a scooper writer you will need to write article on one niche(category). For instance, you can only publish one type of articles all the time. E.g Entertainment articles, food articles…



As a Nigerian writer, you can also decide to explore international platforms as well. Want a break from writing for a particular platform? Try Fiverr.


Fiverr is a freelance platform where you can get different kinds of client.

On Fiverr, you can earn hundreds and thousands of dollars by writing for different people everyday.


The beauty of being a writer on Fiverr, is that there are lot customers that are in need of your services. These customers know your worth, so you get to decide how much you want to be paid per article. But the downside to being a writer on Fiverr, is that there are many competitors(fellow writers) that are ready to get all the clients and available jobs.


Making money as a writer is infact very great. Writers are not underrated people. So if you know your worth, you will earn well with your skill, and on different writing platforms.


There are many other platforms where one can make money as a writer. Lots of other freelance platforms available. And lots of platforms that pay writers for articles. Feel free to do research, and you will have no trouble finding these platforms.

That’s a wrap. Thank you for reading this article.

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