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Five Different Ways to Make Money Using Facebook (2023 Working Methods)

As an internet user, you definitely know a lot about Facebook. You know of how interesting Facebook is, as a social media app. It is a fun app to connect and meet with friends. Both old and new. But did you know that Facebook is a great app for earning cool cash?


Are you aware that some folks take Facebook as a full time job?

Well, gone are those days when Facebook was just a social app. Today, it is an avenue for wealth creation. And many users of the platform are steadily earning every day. You too can earn using Facebook. You just need a guide. Lucky for you, this article will be your guide.


Would you like to be enlightened on different ways to make money via Facebook? We will be glad to give you all the info here!


One of the interesting thing about earning using FB(as it is often called), is that you don’t need to pay for any premium membership of some sort. Honestly speaking, there is no such thing as being a premium member on the platform. You get to earn from the same normal app that you have been using for only social activities all these while.


Well let’s not delay any further. Below are five brilliant ways to earn money using Facebook in 2022.


Selling on FB Market Place

Facebook can be an avenue to make and meet new friends. And it can also be an avenue to meet new customers.

Years ago, ‘Facebook Marketplace’ was introduced. This is not a feature that many social apps have, so there is no denying that it is one of a kind.


On Facebook marketplace, you can make money on Facebook by looking for a product in high demand, and then selling it at a fair price.

You can get millions of potential customers on the app, so sales is assured if you play your part right.


Selling Via Ads

It is one thing to sell via the marketplace, and it another to sell via ad campaigns.


Incase you aren’t aware, Facebook is one of the best ad platforms in the world. They have got millions of audience that would view you ads, so why not sell by running ads?


Ofcourse you will need to master how to run ads the right way(you can use Google and YouTube to learn). Once mastered, you can sell any product efficiently by creating different kinds and types of ad campaigns.


Creating Video Contents

Just like YouTube, Facebook is also a platform for content and video creators. Publishers earn lots of money from most of the videos and reels you watch on the platform.


If you can make nice and original videos, Facebook is ready to pay you hundreds of dollars monthly as a publisher. First you will need to reach their monetization requirements though. Pretty neat right?


Facebook Stars

If you used Facebook, you may have noticed a star icon that is being displayed on the pages of some popular figures or persons.

Well the Facebook star feature allows certain users to earn money from posts they make.


Followers can send stars to the creators, and these stars can be converted into real money.

You will need to be eligible before you can enable stars on your posts, reels, and videos. So hop on the internet to find out more about the requirements!


Earning Via Ad Network

This is a method of earning that most people don’t know about.


There are different types of Ad networks, like Adsterra, Monetag, Galaksion, and so on, that you can earn from by running fb ads.


You simply need to create a simple and free landing page, place your ad network ads in the landing page. Then run ads from Facebook to the landing page.

When people click on the ads on the landing page, you earn money instantly. This is a method called arbitrage. Basically, it is about spending less to earn more. Feel free to do more research on ‘how to carry out arbitrage like a pro.’


One thousand stars is worth $10. Now this would mean 1million stars is worth $10,000.

This is so awesome! Won’t you like to be eligible to display Facebook stars on your posts?


Hope you learnt a lot from this article? If you have any questions or contributions, you can comment below.

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