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Three Top Ad Networks to Monetize Your Blog With


Are you a blogger with a non-monetized blog? Would you like to change that?


Well I understand that not all bloggers are actually seeking to monetize their blogs. Everyone has a different goal and objective with his or her blog. But there is actually nothing wrong with monetizing your blog.


So if you would like to monetize your blog, there are actually different ways to go about it. But right now, the best way is arguably by ad networks.


Wikipedia says; “An ad network is a company that connects advertisers to websites that want to host advertisements.”


With the help of ad networks, visitors on your blog get to find ads that interest them. And you in turn, get to earn some cool cash.


At the moment, there are hundreds of ad networks that one can apply for and earn with. But some ad networks are actually nothing to write home about. The earnings can be quite disappointing even if you have lots of traffic on your blog. And this is why in this article, I will educate you on some of the right ad networks to work with.


Would you like to monetize your blog with an ad network? Well below are the top three ad networks I would recommend you monetize your blog with!


1. Ezoic

Top on this list, is Ezoic.


Although the primary goal of Ezoic, is not to be an ad network alone, but this platform is just a really great one to consider when looking for an ad network to work with.


Ezoic ads are usually banners. They are really good, and cannot mess with your user experience on a blog.


To monetize with Ezoic, there are not much requirements. You simply need a couple of original and unique contents(about fifteen).


2. Adsterra

Adsterra is another great ad network. This platform has been on for close to a decade, and many publishers/blog owners have earned thousands of dollars from them.


Adsterra is a very easy ad network. Even without contents on a blog, they can approve the blog. It is a platform with very few requirements.

And they pay via cpm(unlike ezoic that pays via empv).


One of the best features about Adsterra, is that members can be paid weekly.

Not a lot of ad networks pay weekly.


3. Google Adsense

When it comes to talking about different ad networks, it is almost impossible to not make mention of Adsense. This is because Google Adsense is one of the highest paying ad networks. They have got thousands of publishers, and it is the dream of some blog owners to get monetized with Adsense.


Adsense is one of the best ad networks that there is, and this is no hype.


Google Adsense has a couple of requirements, but it is not something one can’t handle.

So when considering a top ad network to monetize your blog with, Google Adsense should definitely be on your list.


There are many other really great ad networks, but the ones mentioned above should do just fine.

Thanks for reading. And please drop a comment if you have any.

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