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How to Increase/Double your YouTube Earnings


Irrespective of whatever part of the world you are in, one of the best way to earn passive income is via YouTube.

The YouTube monetization program is free of charge, and creative content creators can use this opportunity to earn thousand of dollars every month. But the thing is, not all of YouTube content creators are actually earning big from this opportunity.


Some YouTube creators have been stuck with low earnings ever since they joined the monetization program. Well, if you are one of them the I have got some helpful tips for you today.

You cab double your YouTube earnings in no time, and you can do so without breaking a sweat.


No, the YouTube algorithm didn’t just decide to be against you. There are just some things you probably should be doing that you are yet to start doing.

This article will educate you on it all. Do well to read to the end!


Note: This article is for YouTubers that are already in the monetization program, and would like to earn more with their channels.


Below are helpful tips on how to double your Youtube earnings.


1. Publish New Contents Weekly

Consistent posting is something that will favor you a lot if you are a YouTube creator.

The algorithm tends to show your videos to more viewers when you post consistently.


So don’t just post on rare occasions. Instead, post new videos at least twice a week. If you can post more than two times a week, feel free to do so.


The more videos you upload, the more your engagements increases. And this will definitely help your revenue increase in time.


Hey, don’t let consistent posting mess with your video qualities. Always ensure you offer the best quality videos regardless of how many videos you make a week.


2. Publish Longer Videos

Another way to increase your YouTube revenue, is by making your videos longer.


Longer videos can have more YouTube ads in it. And it also increases your watch hour as well.

The YouTube algorithm could also be helpful in increasing your reach, when you make and post longer YouTube videos.


Longer videos usually mean containing more information.


3. Create Videos for your Viewers

A smart way to increase your YouTube earnings, is by making sure your viewers return to your channel. And one of the ways to make them return, is by asking them the kind of videos they would want you to make next. And then making the kind of videos that they requested for.


When you create the videos your viewers ask for, they will always return to make more requests. And when you feed them with the contents they requested for, your views and revenue will no doubt keep increasing.


4. Post Shorts

YouTube Shorts was introduced not too long ago, and people are loving it!


It is said that it is easy reach more people with Youtube shorts. So make a lot of shorts videos. You could get lots of subscribers from this. And some of these subscribers will come back to watch more of your videos.


That will be all for this video. Have questions or contributions? Then comment below.

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